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a bite inflicted by a dog

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According to infectious disease expertDr Naseem Salahuddin, between 2009 and 2016, 91 people died because of dog bites and rabies in Karachi.
Dr Elliott said the dangers of a dog bite depend on how serious the bite is.
Abuzar Khan, an attendant with a stray dog bite victim at the DHQ hospital, said he came to the health facility, where staff injected the patient with one doze and told them to come again for four more injections as normally required for a dog-bite patient.
In 2017, 62% (24) of all dog bite fatality victims were ages 21-years and older; the highest annual number of adult deaths in the nonprofit's 13-year data set (2005 to 2017).
Pseudomonas bacteria was found in her bloodstream and her blood was believed to have been infected by bacteria through the dog bite on her leg.
In 2017, a total 22,982 dog bite cases were reported in Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK), Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) and Indus Hospital, Karachi.
Nasim Salahuddin said vaccination for rabies was essential and with it dog bite can be cured hundred percent.
She disclosed that at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar, a leading hospital of KP, about 30 patients of dog bite arrive on daily basis.
In 2016, there were 18,123 dog bite claims filed in excess of $600 million.
Although cases of dog bite constitute a problem of considerable magnitude, not all the victims of a dog bite seek medical help.
While the canines roam free in every corner of the institute, people waiting to get an injection for a dog bite often have to get another one after being gnawed by the simians.
The rising cost of dog bite claims has insurers worried about the toll those payouts will have on their bottom line.
Merseyside's dog bite epidemic has now sparked the launch of a ground breaking University of Liverpool project aimed at tackling the issue head on.
Four caprines with tracheal rupture due to dog bite injuries in the ventral neck region were presented and successfully managed surgically.
An analysis of Homeowners' insurance data by the institute found that while the number of dog bite claims nationwide decreased 7.