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a hard biscuit for dogs

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Boneheads 2016 launched on Kickstarter at midnight on September 15, featuring dog biscuits shaped like the heads of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
Everything is home made, including the dog biscuits, <Bbelow, which contain real bone marrow.
Dog hoodie, collapsible water bowl and dog biscuit mix hit annual list
The line of Crunch 'n Clean dog biscuits comes in four SKUs: small, medium, large and savory flavors.
FIVE illegal immigrants were discovered by officials hiding in a lorry load of dog biscuits, it emerged today.
our She added: "I'd left dog biscuits in the car and someone threw them down to us.
London, Apr 10 (ANI): Ever since Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson ate dog biscuits on a German TV show, sales of dog food in Europe have seen a real upsurge.
Laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis and further tests showed the dog biscuits in the owner's household contained salmonella.
DOG BISCUIT WREATH You will Need: Small foam wreath 1 roll of craft ribbon (wide width) Straight pins Scissors Bow Pipe cleaners Small dog biscuits 12-inch-long ribbon (narrow width) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Directions: 1.
Innovia Films' biodegradable and compostable flexible material, NatureFlex[TM] has been chosen as part of the packaging for a new range of all natural, organic dog biscuits produced in the US.
As I reached to get it, I noticed it was a dog-bone shaped container housing several dog biscuits.
MAKE your own dog biscuits by cutting stale bread into cubes, baking them in the oven along with chicken skins and pork rind.
Press adverts and online activity, which features less tasty refreshment options, such as dog biscuits, have already piggybacked on National No Smoking Day in a bid to grab smokers who are trying to quit.
It is now possible to indulge pets with treats like peanut-butter waffle cones and carob-covered dog biscuits shaped like fire hydrants.
No longer do I have to disembowel the bag and reveal a dozen receipts, a half-eaten sandwich, indigestion tablets, two pairs of specs, a purse, dog biscuits, emery boards and a pair of laddered tights.