dog's mercury

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European perennial weedy plant with greenish flowers

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The charcoal is made from the debris created in the forest-clearing practice known as coppicing, which allows light into the woodland environment, encouraging ancient woodland flowers such as dog's mercury, butterflies and dormice.
Other species in the hedges are ash, maple, spindle,oak, holly, hazel, elm, plum and hawthorn and flora associated with them includes bluebells, white violets and dog's mercury.
Like bluebells, dog's mercury is an indicator of ancient woodland.
It takes a long time for the plant to spread, and in the case of dog's mercury it does so mainly by sending out underground shoots, or rhizomes, from which the stems arise.
It has a mixture of oak, sycamore and ash trees and woodland plants including the white flowered ramson,as well as dog's mercury.