dog's dinner

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Richard, of Gosforth, Newcastle, organises the Dog's Dinner biannual ball, which raises funds to sponsor a Guide Dog puppy through its training.
A CIVIC boss who was reluctantly forced to endorse the establishment of a new town council last night branded it "a dog's dinner which is not wanted.
At the moment, it's a dog's dinner and must be reformed.
One of the biggest MPVs on the market, the Rodius, was described by one motoring critic as "a dog's dinner to look at".
Considering the traumas behind the scenes, it's little wonder that the finished film is such a dog's dinner
But despite giving Adele's five-yearold dachshund Louie a dicky tummy with her dog's dinner, Paloma blames the Someone Like You singer, 25.
SANTOS stars made a dog's dinner of a simple PR stunt during a web chat with fans last week.
NOTE to Anne Robinson: You can spend all the money you like on your face, but if you wear a leopard skin dress on Test The Nation, you'll still look like the dog's dinner.
Ellis the guide dog is preparing to make a right dog's dinner to raise money for his furry friends.
Considering the traumas behind the scenes of Cursed, it's little wonder that the finished film is such a dog's dinner
What is on offer is no more than a pathetic imitation of devolution, a half-baked dog's dinner.
We feel the school breakfast plan was a dog's dinner of an idea because it has been very poorly thought out,' said Dr Howard.
But remember there's a fine line between Marilyn Monroe in that gold pleated dress or looking like a dog's dinner done up in a Quality Street toffee wrapper.