dog's breakfast

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Dog's Breakfast proclama la vocacion por el cine de genero, como si las series de causas y efectos dentro de la exigencia de coherencia potenciara la creatividad del director, lo mismo que la restriccion economica.
At the moment, the season is a dog's breakfast, with tournaments like the Heineken Cup starting at one point, disappearing, then coming back.
It is no wonder therefore that Birmingham looks like a dog's breakfast.
I said I'd be amazed if they moved it, as it would be like moving a spoonful of a dog's breakfast from one bowl to another," he said.
But we were right on top at two each and the third goal was a dog's breakfast of a goal.
Having leapt into this dog's breakfast, I have it all over my face," Atwood wrote in Saturday's Guardian newspaper.
This was Southern Pacific country so we have many of the 250 (or so) photos memorializing SP's great steam classics: Cab Forwards, the beautiful streamlined 4-8-4s and a dog's breakfast of other rail vehicles--horse cars, streetcars, and narrow gauge loggers.
It's a different spin than the typical 'Let's see what you've got' thing, which most shows are, and they kind of become a dog's breakfast.
But what has replaced it, while appearing to be more modern and driver-friendly, is a real dog's breakfast.
Without that massive debt we might have been able to own the Ricoh outright rather than the dog's breakfast ownership we have which has ruined any hope of a life-saving takeover.
1 dog one's footsteps 2 put on the dog (wear fur) 3 doggone 4 dog's breakfast 5 play dog in the manger 6 dogsbody 7 dog eared 8 nose around 9 go to the dogs 10 doggy fashion/style 11 dog Latin 12 dogfight 13 lazy person 14 dog collar 15 dogs 16 a hair of the dog that bit one 17 the dog before his master 18 dog end 19 pup tent 20 dog watch 21 dog soldier 22 dog tag 23 doggy work 24 dog leg 25 influenza 26 in the doghouse 27 dog hole 28 (Al Capp's) Dogpatch 29 dog water 30 dog's dick 31 dog's vomit 32 let the dog see the rabbit 33 puppy love 34 bitchy 35 drunk as a fiddler's bitch
It is a dog's breakfast of an essay, so bad that pity for the author competes with irritation at the travesty he has perpetrated.
It was a dog's breakfast of a goal to lose but in general we gave a good account of ourselves against the Bundesliga leaders.
The recent explosion of in-car functions has turned some automotive cockpits into a dog's breakfast of knobs and switches.
So if you have ever asked yourself what the apparent marriage of Modernist architecture and 'Kantian' modern art was all about, you will find no answers here: this is a disciplined book about specific events in art history, marred by some lazy aspects which are no credit to CUP, who have made a dog's breakfast of some German and Russian words, and provided an inadequate index.