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Synonyms for doff

take off


Synonyms for doff

to take from one's own person

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The court, after accepting the notion "that donning and doffing of police uniforms and gear is not, as a matter of law, compensable under the FLSA where neither the law, the employer's rules, nor the nature of the work requires officers to don and doff on police premises," (38) refused to grant summary judgment on the issue.
Doff, director of Special Health Services for the Florida Board of Health, described in a March 1962 Nursing Homes article the "community attitude" that served as the foundation for the "so-called convalescent home of the 1920s and 1930s": "Convalescence had not yet interested the rank and file of the medical and allied professions.
I have often wondered who the cheeky chappie was, who failed to doff his cap to the Queen.
When you can still see the scars from the brain surgery on his shaven head you know it's time to doff your hat.
SIR - It would have been so easy for Leanne Wood to silently sip champagne, eat her speciallyprepared lunch and doff her cap at the Queen's visit.
When I say yes to something, I do it all the way," admits Sabato, laughing, when asked if he plans to doff his trusty Calvin Klein briefs for the role.
PETER DOFF complains of the inferior treatment received by bet365 shop punters over Capricho's disqualification in the Bunbury Cup (July 20).
IGV 2 can doff both latest generation twin chuck winders as well as classic single chuck winders.
Tees Valley Rural Community Council's chief officer Doff Pollard will look at the way forward and what needs to be done to achieve better transportation solutions.
As the cortege made its way to the cemetery, ordinary men in the street would doff their caps as a mark of respect, even though they were complete strangers.
And she's also making time for Julie Doff, her partner of eight years, and Hazel, their 3-year-old daughter.
The new winder may be used in conjunction with the company's combined slitting and cross-cutting unit to cut, thread, wind and doff a variety of nonwovens automatically.
I DOFF my hat to the cast and master of ceremonies at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow for a wonderful, 50-minute show on recently.
TEN YEARS after Generous romped to Derby success, the broodmare Doff The Derby appears to have another live Epsom contender in the shape of Imagine.
RESIGNED: Julie Dorf as executive director of the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, effective February 2000, Doff helped found the human rights group in 1990.