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Synonyms for blink


on the blink

the blink of an eye


  • an instant
  • a second
  • a minute
  • no time
  • a flash
  • a moment
  • a split second
  • a tick
  • a twinkling
  • a trice
  • a jiffy
  • two shakes
  • a shake
  • two shakes of a lamb's tail
  • the bat of an eye

Synonyms for blink

to open and close the eyes rapidly

to shine with intermittent gleams

to pretend not to see

a brief closing of the eyes

Synonyms for blink

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The line is indicative of a movie that favors platitudes over normal dialogue and features a baseball coach who doesn't blink an eye when a starting pitcher runs off the field in the middle of an important game.
Liu, supposedly China's best and brightest, for some reason, doesn't blink an eye at Richard's atrocities - a mistake, as he soon finds himself the target of his French connection's wrath.