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Synonyms for doer



Synonyms for doer

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A[cedilla] Other Goals As Defined By Doer And Selected Consultant During Kick-off.
Of course it is so very easy to take a swipe at the "do gooders" and then to glorify the evil doers.
But Doer himself is not just a left-wing, affable glamour boy who looks good in the limelight.
With billions of dollars in oil and gas royalties at stake, as well as lower energy prices, it is not difficult to see the reason for high levels of support for the DOER Act among state officials.
McFadyen jumped to the pump immediately, attacking Doer and his government tenaciously on various issues, in particular the "Crocus scandal" (as the local newspapers refer to it), a juicy little intrigue involving the Crocus Investment Fund.
Yet there's a built-in conflict between Doers and Delegators.
Premier Doer also confirmed that plans are underway to quickly establish an Aboriginal Justice Commission to make good on its campaign promise to deal with the primary recommendation of the 1991 Aboriginal Justice Inquiry report to create a body to implement the inquiry's wide-ranging recommendations.
Gunther and other victims of the doer syndrome cannot make the transition to their new roles.
In an essay on Eisenhower, Greenstein reiterates his argument that Ike was a behind-thescenes doer.
Literally a startup accelerator, the DOer Express will feature realtime coaching and mentoring on the journey from NYC to Montreal
The letter urges Canadian Ambassador to the United States Gary Albert Doer to engage and commit to 'significant and commercially meaningful market access for all remaining agricultural products,' including dairy.
DOER is soliciting Bidders for the acquisition of technical services to complete the Regional Resource Assessment.
Looking back at her life in her memoirs, she noted, "I was then, and still am, I think, not just a doer, but a doer about something.
Davis claims he, "the dreamer," conjured up the idea of a clearinghouse of information to help black investors, while Carol, "the doer," helped get things off to a start.
Doer is an astute observer ofthe dynamics of Soviet society.