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Synonyms for dodgy

Synonyms for dodgy

of uncertain outcome

marked by skill in deception

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The album helped launch Dodgy to the forefront of the 90s music scene and the band will play a very special gig in Liverpool this weekend to mark 20 years since its release.
Autoglass, who organised the poll, urged drivers to use "common sense" when given dodgy directions.
The banks that hold this debt could absorb the losses on sovereign debts, if it wasn't for the fact that these banks actually still have all the pre-collapse dodgy debts on the rest of their books.
Dodgy date: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.
Here in Britain, Blair's former secretary of state for international development, Clare Short, claimed she and the British public had been "duped all along" by Blair's famously dodgy dossiers--a dupe being a "person who functions as the tool of another person or power.
Describing his pleasure in scamming clients with dodgy apartment conversions, Renton paraphrases one of Margaret Thatcher's most infamous proclamations: "There's no such thing as society.
SOUL legend Billy Ocean and Britpop band Dodgy are heading to Tyneside this summer as part of one of the country's biggest free summer festivals.
STAFF from Coventry clothes stAFF from Coventry clothes store Out't donned dodgy fashion styles including shell suits, tank tops, aares and shoulder pads as part of a fundraising event.
THEY rose to fame during the heady Britpop days of the 1990s and, two decades on, Dodgy are still going strong.
Dodgy had released their debut album, The Dodgy Album, and they were about to release a run of successful singles.
THAT cheap smartphone could be a killer, Christmas shoppers are warned as millions of dodgy goods flood the market.
DODGY smokeless cigarettes with faulty wiring could give users an electric shock, trading watchdogs have warned Smokers have been told to be wary of buying cheap electronic cigarettes after dozens of dangerous counterfeits were seized in raids on car boot sales and markets.
NO, YOU haven't slipped into a time warp and been transported back to the summer of 1998 - Dodgy have a new album on its way, and they're on their way to Merseyside, their adopted homeland.
But rogue traders had better beware, as Dominic Littlewood and Sheree Murphy are proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with as they call time on dodgy workmanship.
But all she got were some dodgy snaps which Sunday Mail picture editorAndyHosie described as "a joke".