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He also nailed Bork on his dodginess about who would get to wield the censorship power.
Let's put aside for a second the dodginess of a girl who would sleep with a bloke who had been married for 23 years.
It was by no means convincing or assured stuff by Blues, the main satisfaction had to be the result in the context of the tussle among the league's top three and considering the absentee register and the dodginess of the first period.
ACCORDING to car history checking agency HPI, used motor dodginess is on the increase, with one in three second-hand cars having something to hide.
Qualities of self- promotion and dodginess are allied to innate cunning.
Dodginess of the highest order was displayed by Ukrainian keeper Alexander Filimonov when John Arne Riise whipped in a corner.
With the light at varying degrees of dodginess and the ball seaming and swinging, batsman have essentially strived to survive - certainly they attack at their peril.
Are we prepared, like them, to ignore blatant dodginess simply just because the perpetrator goes on telly and has a little sob?
I want to do popular drama and if that means taking aspects of Phil that the public like - his dabbling in the underworld and dodginess - and bringing a bit of humour to it, that's the kind of mix I'd like.
And these are brand new T- registration cars with full warranties, not imports, total UK spec, no catches, no dodginess, just proper showroom- fresh cars at the money buyers want to pay.