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Synonyms for dodgy

Synonyms for dodgy

of uncertain outcome

marked by skill in deception

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Suddenly there was a focus that was neither rigidly old-fashioned in the traditional upper-crust manner, nor dodgily rich as in racing's other caricature of the owning partner.
There has to be trust enough to get the horse to accept the instruction to leap off a cliff, into a lake, or over the most ludicrously daunting and dodgily angled obstacles.
One of the 17,000 dodgily dyed premium seats being ripped out is Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson's.
There's more pleasure to be gained from the arrangements, which are multi-layered and combine acoustic guitars, synths, whole horn sections and all manner of electronics, than in Monday's vocals which are sometimes dodgily off-key.
One of the screenplays many foggy points, it's never quite made clear whether the pair are now living together (given the absence of sexual tension and chemistry, you'd assume so) but, dismissing the last six years of him being wanted for treason with the line ' the FBI have forgiven you', she duly convinces the now dodgily bearded Mulder to get involved.