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Synonyms for dodgy

Synonyms for dodgy

of uncertain outcome

marked by skill in deception

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Served on a red hot plate and surrounded by a mountain of chips, peas and carrots, the pastry was just about perfect (not too flaky, not too soggy) and the tender chunks of steak wouldn't pose a problem for even the dodgiest set of dentures.
It was a terrific hit, albeit past one of the dodgiest walls of this or any season.
He's been wrapped in cotton wool longer than the country's dodgiest digit but when Glenn Roeder decides to release him on a permanent basis, then perhaps there will be another topic of breakfast conversation.
With speculation mounting yesterday that the Royals were set to grant a rematch to opponents denied on Sunday by the dodgiest of goals, delegates gathered in Navan expecting a robust discussion.
POP star Darius Danesh has jumped on the dodgiest band-wagon going.
He also takes viewers behind the scenes, so we can see just what it takes to trap the dodgiest dealers and craftiest criminals.
Colin Farrell, sporting the dodgiest moustache outside of the 70s, stars alongside Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn in a story that is doomy, gloomy, moves at a snail's pace and features a case that is confusing and looks impossible to crack.
But not before a will-she-or-won't-she saga - much of it played out in flashback - unleashing the toe-curling details of the bride's dodgiest recent liaisons.
Turley's scene-setting prepares the Journeymen reader for a compelling voyage through boxing's darkened alleyways and down-at-heel venues where we glance unsavoury characters, brush past the dodgiest dealers and ultimately have great empathy with men prepared to climb into the ring for a few hundred pounds.
A Two of the dodgiest looking defences in the league with an array of attacking talent on both sides.
Dodgiest decision There have been plenty of bad calls on and off the pitch in the season just gone.
But I forgive Julie Hesmondhalgh because it was sparkly and the poor woman has spent the last 16 years wearing a red anorak and stuffed under one of the dodgiest on-screen wigs since David Bowie in Labrinth.
Perhaps its biggest flaw is its dependence on the dodgiest of US and UK Cold War bromides about Soviet espionage.
To give you an example: Not so long ago, the navigation in a $308,870, flashy red Continental Supersports convertible led us straight to the dodgiest neighborhood in New Jersey it could find, ostensibly on the way to Pennsylvania then kind of shrugged and gave up.