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Synonyms for dodgy

Synonyms for dodgy

of uncertain outcome

marked by skill in deception

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But where Crisp really alienated himself was in his attitude to Aids, a new disease then sweeping the New York gay scene and spreading like wild fire in the 'back rooms' of all the dodgiest hang-outs.
I watched Milan get lucky in the first leg of the quarterfinal against Bayern Munich when Kaka was awarded one of the dodgiest penalties I've seen this season.
The dodgiest artistic decision is to incorporate an image of escape that could be interpreted as a visual allusion to 9/11, of a plane apparently flying into a tower but then emerging on the other side.
His only chance may be to take his rivals to Blackpool's dodgiest curry house and slip something into their chicken madras
Electronic scoreboards, gleaming new stands, white balls, performers in pyjamas and huge colourful 3-D advertising logos matted on the pitch where, from what I remember from my schooldays bowling to one of the dodgiest wicketkeepers ever to be allowed out in the middle, the backstops used to stand.
The reason is that the massively inflated cost of fuel in this country is down to the dodgiest firm in the land, Brown & Blair.
And he's right not to, as Phelan is one of the dodgiest people to ever walk the cobbles.
Either he's wrong and it was the Second World War, or the All-England Club had the dodgiest caterers.
Dodgiest decision There have been plenty of bad calls on and off the pitch in the season just gone.
ONLINE After Messi has a short back and sides, don't miss our feature on football's dodgiest haircuts log on to www.
A Teesside pub team has bagged itself a national football title - for wearing the dodgiest kit in Britain.
But strangely they remained light on details when asked simple questions such as: What's the dodgiest thing you've ever bought from under the counter?
He may have one of the dodgiest haircuts in the SPL but the boy can play.
But after becoming president of the Splitscreen Volkswagen Club (SVC), Nigel was ribbed at having one of the dodgiest vans on the VW circuit.
DERBY took advantage of their encounter with the Championship's dodgiest defence to record their biggest win of the season.