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any polyhedron having twelve plane faces

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It can be demonstrated that the side of the icosahedron and the side of the dodecahedron are incommensurable with each other and each with the sides of the pyramid, cube, and octahedron.
Actually, the regular dodecahedron offers better visual possibilities than the pentagon.
5a, 5b, 5c), or the duality of regular dodecahedrons and a regular icosahedron (Fig.
The coordinates of the 12 markers enclosing each compartment defined two irregular dodecahedrons, with 8 vertices each, that could be further divided into 6 tetrahedrons.
In fall 2006 a young collector, exploring old dumps of the Lac d'Amiante mine, found about 30 andradite crystals, all single, slightly distorted dodecahedrons ranging from 1.
NOT SO FAST The Poincare dodecahedrons apparent match with the quadrupole data and the curvature measurement is "intriguing," says David Spergel, an astrophysicist at Princeton University and a member of the WMAP team.
Kepler knew that there were only five regular polyhedrons (solid figures whose faces are composed of identical polygons): tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, and icosahedrons.
Tudy Sammartini's new book Decorative Floors of Venice (Merrell, [pound]35) shows the fantastic array under your feet in the great church: a virtual bestiary with peacocks and even a hedgehog, the sea, dodecahedrons, doges' caps, flowery meadows, geometric abstractions of the earth and heavens.
Hard on the heels of this discussion, several groups built dodecahedrons constructed from twelve pentagonal pieces (see fig.
Straight lines are boring, circles aren't angular enough and dodecahedrons are just that bit too elaborate.
All the dodecahedrons are on row 2, and the tetrahedrons are on rows 5, 6, and 7 - so it does not matter which particular tetrahedron is a (if indeed a is a tetrahedron) and which particular dodacehedron is b (if indeed b is a dodacehedron) - if a is a tetrahedron and b a dodecahedron then b is in front of a.
Few loop nests, however, have dodecahedrons for iteration spaces, and in practice the number of constraints does not grow substantially.
21 of the diamonds are octahedrons, 9 are dodecahedrons, 13 are multiple crystals and 29 are fragments.
1) In 1984 it was confirmed that nature, too, uses pentagons and dodecahedrons.
of platonic solids: dodecahedrons and icosahedrons that have epitomized human conception on an abstract plane since the first millennium BCE.