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any polyhedron having twelve plane faces

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We point out that the similar analysis might be carried out for quarks, which correspond to the three subsets of the complementary to the cube 12-particle part of the dodecahedron star in the full gauge lattice [2].
It can be demonstrated that the side of the icosahedron and the side of the dodecahedron are incommensurable with each other and each with the sides of the pyramid, cube, and octahedron.
Going backwards, 55c about the use of the dodecahedron and whether there are five worlds might be a candidate, going forwards, 57d sums up the section on the construction of the four elements.
8 mm) can be clearly seen in Figures 6a (trapezohedral habit) and 6b (pentagonal dodecahedron habit).
Closer Carousel is as finely ornamented as the earlier Dodecahedron, complete with a batty but brilliant string quartet.
Another motion-picture prototype, that device animates still images by spinning them on a cylinder with a mirrored dodecahedron in the center; de Beer's large sculpture, however, stood dormant, papered with icy landscapes that connoted glacial stasis rather than kinesis.
Among the topics are a personal view of the first 13 years of the Structural Morphology Group, novational transformation, human feelings between the shapes of the world and how to look at natural structures, an expandable dodecahedron, flat grid designs employing the swivel diaphragm, and form-optimizing in biological structures as demonstrated by the morphology of shells.
The mysterious energy source for the planet, the Dodecahedron, is failing but before the Time Lord can help, he is captured by Meglos, a creature from the nearby planet of Zolfa-Thura.
through pinyon pines, like the dodecahedron ring of icy chimes hanging
They launched SlopeViews and bought a softball-sized dodecahedron (a 12-sided instrument) with 11 high-definition cameras mounted on it a few months later.
WolframAlpha presents very nice translucent representations of 3D solids such as this dodecahedron, but I was disappointed that it cannot construct the Mathematica logo using an hyperbolised dodecahedron.
Based on the dodecahedron, a 12-sided sphere, the Dodeca 2360 captures high-resolution video from every direction simultaneously at more than 100 million pixels per second or 30fps.
theo]): a pentagonal dodecahedron shape (Model 1) and a tetrakaidecahedral cell shape (Model 2).
Related works from GIS applications include tessellation of an octahedron (Dutton 1999), a dodecahedron (Wickman et al.
Some of the problems are ones he noted as a teenager, such as how to make a pop-up dodecahedron.