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any polyhedron having twelve plane faces

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Thus, the cube has 8 vertices, an octahedron has 6, icosahedron has 12, a dodecahedron has 20, for a total of 46, which accounts for the first 92 elements or half of the Periodic Chart.
This indicates that aggregate shape varied between a dodecahedron and a cube form.
The most suitable polyhedron to be used in spherical structures is the dodecahedron, for which the angle between two adjacent polygons is 1150.
Based on aforementioned design method, other polyhedrons in geometry, such as octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, can be adopted to project homogeneous and non-singular cloaks similarly.
no/home/ono/Matematikk/Geometry/3D%20perspective/Dodecahedron/ Dodecahedron.
Or Hippasus, having put a dodecahedron in a sphere, may have broadcast the irrational to his ultimate detriment, but neither has anyone to this day squared a circle.
Dodecahedron Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny Dodecahedron comes straight from Houghton's debut album Yours Truly Cellophane Nose, an LP four years in the making.
It can be demonstrated that the side of the icosahedron and the side of the dodecahedron are incommensurable with each other and each with the sides of the pyramid, cube, and octahedron.
Closer Carousel is as finely ornamented as the earlier Dodecahedron, complete with a batty but brilliant string quartet.
Actually, the regular dodecahedron offers better visual possibilities than the pentagon.
Another motion-picture prototype, that device animates still images by spinning them on a cylinder with a mirrored dodecahedron in the center; de Beer's large sculpture, however, stood dormant, papered with icy landscapes that connoted glacial stasis rather than kinesis.
Bahrain's main shopping centres are all located very close to Pearl Dodecahedron, and they were shut for a few days simply because they were inaccessible.
Among the topics are a personal view of the first 13 years of the Structural Morphology Group, novational transformation, human feelings between the shapes of the world and how to look at natural structures, an expandable dodecahedron, flat grid designs employing the swivel diaphragm, and form-optimizing in biological structures as demonstrated by the morphology of shells.