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a twelve-sided polygon

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The imposing 43mm dodecagonal case in black PVD steel has its rightful place.
In this example the architects have fitted 40 apartments and a youth centre around the tower's core, by occupying the space that sits between its hexagonal and dodecagonal structures.
Hundreds of quasicrystals have been found since, some with non-crystallographic axial symmetries, pentagonal, octagonal (16), decagonal (17), and dodecagonal (18).
The signature stainless steel case and bezel has the Baume & MercierCOs legendary dodecagonal form (12 sides) representing the 12 hours of the day or night, and the case is adequately sleek for superb feminine elegance.
A dazzling sense of time radiates from the Baume & Mercier Riviera that glistens in premium grade steel and the model distinguishes itself by the four diamonds that elegantly balance out the dodecagonal bezel.