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a twelve-sided polygon

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Using geometric methods, Kurschak proved that a regular dodecagon inscribed in a unit circle has an area of three square units.
Instead, I've been quipping all week that he's had more sides than a dodecagon - quite literally, as he's played for 15 league teams and a dodecagon has only 12 sides.
A dodecagon in three stories, it was originally designed for the presentation of cockfights.
For the final-round question in the first episode of the season, students were asked to put the following shapes in order from the fewest sides to the most: septagon, dodecagon, hexagon and octagon.
The same goes for the two similar dodecagon designs shown on page 95.
The Mayors Challenge Prize for Innovation award is a spherical sculpture formed by three concentric circles - square, circle, and dodecagon - encircling a hanging compass.