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Synonyms for doddery

mentally or physically infirm with age

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And he left behind the memory of a bemused, doddery old fool who refused to use his hearing aid and who peppered his responses with I can''t hear, I forget and ask my son.
Q Our 11-year-old golden retriever is getting a little doddery.
London, May 9 (ANI): New footage of the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals earlier this month, suggest he may not have been a mastermind of terror after all, but a doddery old fool trying to make sense of his secluded squalid and shabby existence.
Tom's getting very doddery," confided the parish council chairman.
No, not Bruce Forsyth, presenter of Strictly Come Dancing who is doddery, doddery, he definitely is, but Matt Baker.
STEPHEN DODD won't be overchuffed that he's down as Old And Doddery on Sporting Index's performance specials and as well as abusing the Welshman even in jest, they have probably insulted him as well with their quote of 11-14, writes Jeremy Chapman.
A giant flying swan, a doddery dancing grandpa and the capture of King Rat in a cage are the best bits of Birmingham Royal Ballet's The Nutcracker - according to my young companion.
The doddery butler has also been replaced--by a suave waiter.
Baxter also plainly loves British children's comics of doddery vintage, as well as Hollywood juvenilia of the Lone Ranger/Hopalong Cassidy variety.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to Doddery - Obenahalli Road from Km 15.
Prone to violence *No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Gary Barlow LOUIS* Doddery old man obsessed with naff Irish boybands *No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Louis Walsh LIAM O'DEARY* Needy loser who is desperate to be cool, obsessed with hugging contestants *No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Dermot O'Leary SIMON* Talent show supremo is target of frequent gay references *Only Simon knows if this character has resemblance to a real person.
1971 Grandad Clive Dunn HIS most famous character was a doddery, bow-legged old soldier who had fought in Sudan where the enemy 'didn't like it up 'em'.
The subjects of the director's ire included dotty housekeeper Dotty played by Maureen Beattie (Lewis, The Bill, Taggart) and doddery burglar Selsdon courtesy of Geoffrey Freshwater (Foyle's War).
Dotrice made me laugh as the doddery widow, with shades of Frank's high-pitched Betty coming through when things get particularly fraught and we enter the realms of farce, as did Clive Mantle's Major with a liking for dresses and a particular attraction to a mauve frock, while a highlight of a madcap night has to be a concert party scene which sees the arrival of Mrs Wilberforce's squawking old pals, including several "ladies" in the Little Britain mould.
But the Major is a doddery old fool and a racist to boot.