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Synonyms for doddery

mentally or physically infirm with age

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Meanwhile it's dinner for one for all hedge fund managers - same procedure as last year, every year - with the laughingly unregulated financial markets, their doddery and increasingly drunk butler.
But as the majority of those who watch Strictly are women, why didn't they bump Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman or even the increasingly embarrassing and doddery Brucie, and "refresh" the show with some decent male totty?
If people can put up with doddery old men trying to fly.
It has its amusing moments and one outstandingly amusing performance - from Oliver Hume, as the very happy but doddery old fool in charge - but in general it is a shame that such a talented company should be stuck with comedy at this level when there is so much good stuff about.
Julie Walters stole the show with a hilarious performance as doddery cleaning lady Mrs Overall.
When I feel quite content to sit and watch cricket for hours and days on end it will be an indication that I am so doddery that life itself is becoming too much of a chore.
Watch out for 'Enders in humour shock' too as doddery old Jim (right) prepares for a night of passion with his new bride.
Louis Walsh is a doddery old man - called Louis - who doesn't know what's going on half the time and is obsessed with dreadful Irish boy bands.
And concern over presenter Bruce Forsyth fluffing his lines led the 80-year-old to come up with the catchphrase: "I'm not doddery, doddery I am not".
I'M SEVEN months off becoming a pensioner, but a slow doddery driver I am not.
Though you'd never think it from the views expressed by Torquay's boys in blue, a 70-year-old is not necessarily a doddery old fool crawling along the middle lane of the motorway with crocheted cushions obscuring the view from the back of his vintage Austin Allegro.
The last thing I want is to end up a doddery old tart.
There was this doddery old woman amid boxes and boxes of stuff, flogging it to all her old cronies like it was home baking.
Randy judge has a statue of Ashley Cole which she cradles at night No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Cheryl Cole LOUIS* Doddery old man who is obsessed with dreadful Irish boybands
Bruce is as sharp as ever when it comes to sparring with the judges and he turns complaints by humourless and ageist critics into jokes and new catchphrases - "I am not doddery, doddery I am.