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Synonyms for doddering

Synonyms for doddering

exhibiting the mental and physical deterioration often accompanying old age


Synonyms for doddering

mentally or physically infirm with age

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But the one thing I categorically refuse to do is to spank an industry reeling under idiotic decisions made by grandstanding politicians, or doddering solons on the bench more concerned with fears than facts.
I think we have to ask the question, these doddering daiquiri diplomats, would they have done any different?
Our brave, stalwart President and his loyal band of altruistic acolytes, who ignored the weak, doddering, and senile protestations of the entire Commie Pinko Yellow Rat Bastard World by taking this country into a preemptive war based on charges of weapons of mass destruction that mysteriously never materialized?
Sir Thibault (Reno) and his loyal vassal Andre (Clavier) are thrown forward in time to 20th-century Chicago by a doddering wizard (McDowell).
Kath's doddering old father is less pleased about the new lodger, while her eccentric brother has his own reasons for resenting the move.
Proof that the president had not made a "mistake" by introducing Osbourne came later in the speech, when he displayed more than a passing acquaintance with the doddering, drug-addled rock star's oeuvre.
The episode depicted World War II veterans as selfish and doddering and Vietnam veterans as dangerous and delusional.
An immigrant who spent his entire career with a US icon, Goizueta tied his native Cuba in 1960 with only $20 in his pocket and 100 Coke shares in a New York bank By the time of his death in 1997, the Coca-Cola Chairman was worth $1 billion and had transformed Coke from a doddering giant into one of the world's most successful and admired companies.
So Kissinger and Nixon wanted to prop up the doddering Brezhnev.
Just the possibility that something could perk up doddering pets is stirring discussion of the mental problems of aged animals.
There's a doddering grandmother confined to an upstairs bedroom, an abusive alcoholic father, a bisexual wedding groom, at least One Big Secret, and the usual beleaguered women trying to hold the whole social unit together.
This is a novel, first issued in 1932, about Slovenians, Croats, Hungarians, Germans, Russians, and Austrians, about the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire and its glorious Franz-Joseph, pictured, finally, as a doddering oaf with a "drop hanging from his nose.
That kind of nostalgia is dismissed as nothing more than the rose-colored visions of doddering oldsters prone to starting off too many sentences with "When I was a kid.
That night did you go back to your den To entertain doddering gentlemen, gone to seed, Languishing in hazy memories of bygone days?
You might think that a magazine in its 96th year, put out by an association in its 116th, would be well into its dotage, doddering around like an old codger revelling in long-past successes.