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one who dodders from old age and weakness

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For her part, Dodderer said she is happy to be in Damascus for the first time and having the opportunity to present works collected from Johann Strauss works.
He's told that ghastly old dodderer Bruce Forsythe, of the skeletal face and mobile dentures, that it's time he was dead.
Looking to validate their new wealth with social respectability, social climber Timothy Spall and snobbish sister Joan Collins plan to marry his daughter Emma Chambers into the family of penurious but titled lecherous old dodderer Nigel Hawthorne.
This old dodderer, who is paid pounds 130,000 a year to speak up for youth, has announced his belief that if the police increased the numbers of young people stopped and searched to prevent knife carrying, hostility among the young would increase.
Briers plays lovably eccentric dodderer Hector MacDonald and Hampshire his scatty wife Molly.
Then there is a radically r ethought Polonius from Jack Klaff - verbose and tedious, but not at all the old dodderer we usually expect - and Rakie Ayola investing Ophelia with more personality than the mere damp rag the character often becomes.
For old dodderers like me with a balance problem that makes wading difficult, harling is the answer.
Such a moment of epiphany came as I was driving recently through our City Of A Thousand Jams on a stretch of 'Oh heart with joy lights green the dodderers main road that, mercifully, was clear.
Obviously notwithstanding queuing behind all the ditherers and dodderers who seem to comprise at least 50% of motorists on today's roads.
ATHLETICS officials are the unsung heroes of the sport who are often dismissed by competitors as old dodderers with nothing better to do.
We old dodderers will do well to ignore these glib pitchmen, tempting as their claims may be.
All of us dodderers over 50 never waste an excuse to reminisce about that World Cup summer of full-blooded commitment from the likes of Nobby Stiles, Alan Ball and the Charlton brothers.
As well as the fast-and-furious racing and the riders' super-cool clothing, there were nightly outdoor rock con- certs which forced old dodderers to stay up until as late as midnight.
And the three of them, coachman, coach, and horse, project upon the gold of the pavement three old and bluish dodderers who quiver with each slow trot .