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one who dodders from old age and weakness

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how my skipped when the changed to and whilst rest of us drove he stalled' 'Oh how my heart skipped with joy when the lights changed to green and whilst the rest of us dodderers drove away, he stalled'.
He jokingly told Fantin-Latour that they could help rebellious painters by using their feminine wiles to undermine the ancient members of the Academy: "I agree with you, the young Morisot girls are charming, it's a pity they're not men; but being women, they could still do something in the cause of painting by each marrying an academician and bringing discord into the camp of those old dodderers, though that would be asking for considerable self-sacrifice.
Although he tested positive back in March, the matter only came to light after his hearing recently - a situation that had the old dodderers stuttering into their Ovaltine.
Moyes has single-handedly transformed dispirited dodderers into Premiership pace-setters, relying on good coaching, intelligent organisation and inspiring man-management skills.
But even those confused dodderers at the SFA who wouldn't know a sick patient if he was lying in front of them must realise the time has come for change.
But maybe it's best for our justice profession to cut people off before they become old dodderers," he said with a smile, the first lawyer in a family now filled with lawyers.
Must we be embarrassed by the Royal bodyguard, the Royal Company of Archers, a bunch of bespectacled dodderers who would be hard put to stagger up the Royal Mile?
Call me an impatient young whippersnapper if you will, but this mass demonstration of the dodderers drove me (no pun intended) What do YOU think?
We need a few less of us old dodderers and a few more young bloods in the dressing room.
That would mean these dodderers have a job for life.
Those gin-slinging old dodderers of the MCC(copyright Ian Botham) sat in deliberation and passed a ruling to shame the FA.
Thus we should say loud and clear to the old dodderers in RUSI that we stand together for justice and against violent attacks on innocent people and will not allow their foolish rhetoric to divide us and risk marginalising unstable people and driving them into the hands of extremists.
But even those confused dodderers at the SFA, who wouldn't know a sick patient if he was lying in front of them, have finally realised the time had come for change.
They might be portrayed as gin-swilling old dodderers at times, but nobody should under- estimate the sharp, shrewd minds of the people in charge of the world's ruling body.
While a few other devil-may-care dodderers battle to the death.