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Synonyms for documentation

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs

documentary validation

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The instrumental genesis of the resource collection by the teachers and its exploitation for their professional activity is at the heart of the documentational approach to didactics, recently developed by Gueudet and Trouche [9].
1) The new edition is enhanced by the inclusion of an article by Christiane Hoss tracking the paths of emigration and persecution of those mentioned in the report, an article by Faruk Sen on the academic landscape in Turkey today, as well as a documentational appendix including, amongst others, a reprint of the questionnaire the German emigrants to Turkey had to fill out.
A hierarchy of requirements as in Figure 11 only appears on the conceptual, documentational level, not in the implementation, and does not induce an inheritance hierarchy or any other relation between the involved classes.
Their purpose was more iconographic than documentational.
This book is a work of journalism," declares Shilts in a documentational appendix that attempts to mask his outrage and his personal stake in the story.
A few terse, documentational chapters, much like pages from a disgruntled diary, denounce the male doctors and administrators of the hospital and discuss the role of the "sisters of departure" in caring for the elderly patients.
insisting on proof that the equipment offered meets security requirements and providing potential vendors with the documentational and support tools necessary to offer this proof in a timely and efficient manner before a contract is signed.
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