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Synonyms for documentation

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs

documentary validation

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In our example, Company A in its proposal highlighted the benefits of its documentation module.
Auditors should assemble audit documentation within 60 days from the audit report date.
The organic sector also provides examples of innovative ways companies are using this production documentation to market their products beyond just a label.
Since 1999, the market share of sub-prime loans with alternative documentation ranged from 24.
When doing a field audit, the tax authority normally requests the TP documentation and gives the taxpayer no more than six weeks to provide it.
For example, document management solutions specialists provide excellent documentation support, but are considerably less proficient in providing risk assessment and business process mapping capabilities.
In addition to the proposed audit documentation SAS, the exposure draft includes proposed amendments to SAS No.
As nursing facility professionals, we can demystify documentation by focusing on and correcting our most glaring miscues, most of which affect patient care, reimbursement, and compliance.
Increasingly, we see server-based speech recognition as the approach of choice," said Joe Weber, a healthcare IT analyst and CEO of Lexicore, a provider of clinical documentation efficiency solutions.
Today, Fortunato is interested in the right documentation numbers with the right cargo.
This nonprofessional documentary about journalists presupposes the very distance that guarantees the freedom of documentation as artistic praxis.
The challenge we all face is to create documentation that is simple yet clear, complete, and concise.
Do you require documentation that medication has been taken?
On September 5, 2002, TEI President Drew Glennie submitted a letter to Carol Dunahoo, Director of International for the Internal Revenue Service, and Tom Crowe of the International Directorate of Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, commenting on a transfer pricing documentation package developed by the Pacific Association of Tax Administrators (PATA).
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