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Nick Broomfield, who was honoured with a retrospective and Outstanding Achievement Award, has based his career as a documentarian on the use of himself as a character in his films.
Bayer, son of wildlife documentarian Wolfgang Bayer, says he was born into his career.
Chicago documentarian Cecilia Cornejo's I Wonder What You Will Remember of September is a cutting look back at the events of another September 11: Chile's 1973 coup.
At the panel discussion "Risque Business," moderated by film documentarian Rick Delaup, veteran dancers described burlesque as a socially stigmatized but decently paying job when their professional and personal options were limited.
The festival kicked off with a strange kind of homecoming for American documentarian and activist Michael Moore.
From legendary documentarian Kevin Brownlow, "Garbo" offers an intimate look at the life and career of Greta Garbo.
And the provocative collective work 11'0 9'01, to Japanese documentarian Seiichi Motohashi's beautiful Alexei and the Spring (winner of the Critic's Prize for Best Documentary) and Dennis Potter's still more relevant than ever Blue Remembered Hills; from the impressive art directors Julien Fonfrede and Karim Hussain, to the exquisite simplicity of Nicolas Philibert's Etre et avoir and the gripping political comment of Stephane Elmadjian's short Je m'appelle, which got a special mention from the short film jury.
Ever the documentarian, Lerman specifies some of those histories, touching down at the 1904 World's Fair in St.
With his wife, Barbara Moore, he was a part of this community as well as its observer and documentarian.
But no: The puckish and prolific painter, filmmaker, writer, and documentarian died in 1976 at the age of forty-seven.
Toronto documentarian Geoff Bowie offered a keen examination of major filmmaker Peter Watkins at work in The Universal Clock: The Resistance of Peter Watkins, Frenchman Alain Escalle seduced everyone with his stunning 24-minute Le Conte du monde flottant (winner of the digital-work award), a poetic account of the bombing of Hiroshima, blending traditional 35mm filmmaking and high-tech 3-D animation.
Profile of Prizewinning Food Documentarian Les Blank -- The Hidden Language of Flowers in Movies
Russell Crotty, a documentarian for the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (a body of amateur astronomers who assist the pros), experiences no such dilemma.
While collaborating with Hating, Tseng was unknowingly serving as documentarian, preserving art that has since disappeared.
Sturla Gunnarsson's Such a Long Journey surpassed all other 1999 releases and demonstrated, after a couple of false starts, that the former documentarian has firmly made the transition into dramatic features.