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relating to or consisting of or derived from documents


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The parties agreed to carry out mutual distribution of best films, serials, dramas, documental films and TV programs of both countries.
Estudio documental (2006-2013) sobre el autocuidado en el dia a dia del paciente con enfermedad renal cronica.
E entao justamente a confluencia entre a fala e a experiencia que garante uma ligacao a mais entre os fenomenos mentais e a realidade, marcando por assim dizer um deslocamento do realismo documental para um certo "realismo psicologico".
Based on this initial effort, the next step was to adapt the group of topics and propositions worked with up until that moment into a code for documental analysis that would operationalize the sensemaking perspective.
The third part of the survey carries out a documental analysis, particularly in terms of rate of effort; responsibilities in BP, LTV and existence of guarantors.
The partners' passion for film has also reflected through Documental Ambulante, a traveling documentary festival that has taken over 200 documentaries to communities across Mexico, having recently completed its 8th tour.
In order to carry out these functions, local authorities need to fill in a single form for each change in road classification, submit the form to the central repository at GeoPlace LLP, along with any associated documental evidence, and then enter it into the National Street Gazetteer (NSG).
No primeiro texto, por exemplo, Morettin retrata os primordios do cinema documental brasileiro.
The sisters have also attached documental proof of their affluence to prove they had no reason to be involved in prostitution.
people really went and watched it and believed finally that something documental can also be interesting [there's such happiness in his eyes remembering this].
El estudio historico de Nolan-Ferrell da cuenta de un intenso trabajo documental llevado a cabo por la autora en archivos y otras fuentes locales, regionales y nacionales, tanto en Mexico como en Guatemala.