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However, it was the 25- minute- long real life docudrama, which took the viewers through the minds, lives and the dressing room of women cricketers in the country, that hogged the evening's limelight.
What: John Waters hosts this docudrama anthology series about marriages that go very, very bad.
His hard-hitting 1966 docudrama Cathy Come Home led to a change in the laws on homelessness.
These truth-telling problems seem most disturbing when a docudrama portrays mental illness, perhaps because no one knows the full truth, not even the victim.
It would have been easy to demonize Neville but it would have made the story a docudrama and a rant against the authorities.
While the scenarios used in this 24-minute docudrama are not about the records and information management field per se, the lessons learned and the approach provided are applicable.
Teaching Reverence for the Real: Cautionary Values in Contemporary Docudrama.
It all began about a year ago when the production of a docudrama, Dying to Dance, was announced, a work which was to carefully parallel the worst media speculation on the death of a young ballerina at Boston Ballet.
A traumatic experience no doubt, but the sort of detail that deserves its own (separate) docudrama, unless it is included here solely to ratchet up more sympathy for plaintiff Hughes.
TV producers could (and probably will) turn this tale into a sweeps-week docudrama.
This docudrama is the story of three women with unplanned pregnancies, all of whom inhabit the same house in three different eras.
In a flurry of activity, the Company was able to complete the Kelly LeBrock thriller "The Mirror," the docudrama "Lightfield's Home Videos," directed by Lightfield Lewis and starring Geoffrey Lewis, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis, cameos with Brooke Shields and James Caan, Executive Produced by Gus Van Sant, and finally "Frankie Facciatosta," a charming comedy from Italian director Gianni Torres, featuring John Turturro, Joe Mantegna, Franco Nero and Frank Stallone.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- From the network that brought you Fires of Faith, Silent Night and Handel's Messiah, BYUtv today announced it has produced and will air this holiday season, Joan of Arc, a new docudrama about the unlikely French heroine who played a pivotal role in world history.
The series, ''Wait 'Til Next Year,'' is a 12-episode docudrama about a high school football team that had lost 43 games in a row and the community surrounding it.
McLaughlin, her boyfriend and fellow heroin addict Marvin Baird and Bullet the dog were the unlikely stars of a BBC Scotland docudrama set on the Onthank estate in Kilmarnock.