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Synonyms for doctrinaire

Synonyms for doctrinaire

devoted to certain doctrines without regard to practicability


Synonyms for doctrinaire

a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions

stubbornly insistent on theory without regard for practicality or suitability

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Now, back to the facts on the ground: when analyzing the political developments of the United State, it is not hard to see the obvious failure of deviations from standard and digestible doctrinaire, as the latest economic demise has shown in the United States, and the obvious calamities of an incongruous foreign policy that regards power and might as solid grounds on which to base foreign policy.
The great villains are Dulles, the doctrinaire and dreary American Secretary of State and, even more, Eden's colleague and successor, Harold Macmillan.
Cool is urban, ironic, detached; hot is passionate, God-fearing, doctrinaire.
Tackling poverty would not, as some fear, make everybody else a bit poorer, you could have free cash all round if only a doctrinaire administration would come to its senses.
Many ASA members share feelings of guilt associated with "technology," triggered by modern doctrinaire environmentalists and now intensified by Ken Funk in his article (PSCF 59, no.
If the group's leaders insist on being doctrinaire about refusing to talk to their enemy in order to protect their own people, they will be no different than Olmert.
So the Arts Council's position sounds like the triumph of doctrinaire procedure over common sense.
German filmmaker Dorrie is more often associated with feminist-themed comedies ("Men," "Me and Him") that are far more doctrinaire than anything suggested here.
Led by Mahmoud Hamra-Krouha, once a key man in Sonatrach of Algeria, the Algerians were said to be more doctrinaire and less business-minded than their Abu Dhabian counterparts.
Idaho's 1st District, which gave Bush 70 percent of its vote, handed only 50 percent to a doctrinaire conservative.
Finally, it omits (or conceals) the profound levels of accountable and transparent decision-making envisaged in the earlier Northern Territory 'right-to-die' legislation and its proposed enhanced scrutiny amendments, before it was extinguished by the Federal government at the urging of a religiously doctrinaire MP.
If the temptation of "direct action" quickly collided with the might of the state at the gates of the Malville nuclear plant, the French Greens still had to work out classic tensions between their pragmatic or doctrinaire wings, as well as intrinsic strains between a nature-centered agenda and one giving primacy to social issues.
The prejudice is that the book will be a stagey, out-of-touch, doctrinaire tool for proselytizing.
An early chapter on defeating terrorism in the 21st century is as shallow and doctrinaire a view of modern history as you'll ever find in four pages.