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Some might counter, however, that looking at such crude comparisons of proportions in the population to proportions among earned doctorates or proportions of university professors is inaccurate because it does not account for the relatively small population that earns a doctorate or who works as a university professor.
NEVER TOO LATE: Brian Brown who has achieved a Doctorate in Business Administration
Neda Behmardi, also part of the first group of students taking the Educational Doctorate at BUiD, believes that taking the degree in the UAE has provided her with the opportunity that she has been waiting for: "For a while I wanted to pursue a Doctorate in Education and I knew my chance had come when I found out BUiD started the first accredited Educational Doctorate in the UAE," Behmardi said.
Abdullah Al-Muneef, who holds a doctorate in accountancy from South Carolina University; Ibrahim Al-Juwair, who has doctorate in sociology from University of Florida; Zuhair Al-Harithy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Kent; Maj.
Another strength of a taught doctorate is that it will cover a wide range of research methods.
It is time that community colleges award the honorary doctorate.
On his 80th birthday in November, Murray Louis received an honorary doctorate from SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY and watched the students perform his 1956 classic, Bach Suite.
So many world events characterize these times as revolutionary it's appropriate that clinical laboratory science would evolve, during this decade in this new millennium, into a self-defining, self-determining, and self-sustaining profession with the introduction of the keystone degree, the professional doctorate.
A pensioner has been awarded an honorary doctorate for her work as a feminist writer.
Although each discipline in academia has developed its own criteria for tenure, one basic tenet is that faculty members are expected to have a doctorate prior to tenure.
In June 2005, the board approved giving Riccio a $2,000 annual stipend for having a doctorate and increased his car allowance by $50, to $300 a month.
Tomorrow a Doctorate of Civil Law is awarded to Dr Luke Rittner, one of Britain's most experienced arts administrators, who became chief executive of the Royal Academy of Dance in 1999.
CPAs who want the full academic experience--tenure track, research and full professorship--must earn a doctorate in accounting.
Archbishop Crawley received an honorary doctorate from Vancouver School of Theology, which cited his "leadership and vision" in turbulent times and service to indigenous Anglicans.
Maxwell (Faculty of Medicine, University of Cambridge, and French Literature doctorate, University of Michigan) offers the reader a blend of narrative scholarship that showcases the life of a research scientist from having earned his doctorate at Cambridge University, to his work in the Curie Institute in Paris, to his having earned a second doctorate in French literature back in America, and finally settling down in Ann Arbor with his wife Catherine with whom he had eight children.