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of or relating to a doctor or doctorate


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The results indicated that according to supervisors' conceptions, doctoral study was an intermediate step in the process of becoming a credible researcher, which was consistent with the approach of PhD as a Process (see Park 2007) and the findings of Mullins and Kiley (2002:386), according to which "A PhD is a stepping stone into a researcher's career/.
Here he looks at reform in doctoral education in the two countries during the early 21st century as a lens into issues of governing higher education institutions.
The importance of faculty influence on students at the doctoral level has been acknowledged as a measure of doctoral program quality (Chaney, Eddy, & O'Rourke, 2004; Notaro, O'Rourke, & Eddy, 2000), however interactions and outcomes of mentor/mentee relationships specific to health education have not been examined as in other disciplines.
The Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarship will play a critical role in transforming these 47 talented students into educators who will shape tomorrow's business leaders.
3) That year, the approval rate for students who submitted applications for a CIHR doctoral research award to conduct biomedical and clinical research (themes 1 & 2) was only 14% (119/852).
We look forward to hearing from them at our Doctoral Symposium.
To explore this question, the scholars surveyed the curricular content of nursing doctoral programs offered and doctoral program availability with a curriculum focus on nursing education.
An annual two-day conference where qualified candidates are invited to hear from deans, professors and current minority doctoral students about the benefits of pursuing a business PhD.
The doctoral student questionnaire is designed to assess doctoral accounting students' self-reported levels of commitment to the doctoral program and their own careers.
We also reviewed the doctoral accounting program at UNT, which emphasizes accommodating the needs of some doctoral students interested in careers outside academia.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks chose two Alaska Native doctoral students as its first Mellon Dissertation Fellows.
However, essential questions about current social work doctoral students and graduates remain unanswered: Who are they?
Facing reality: What are doctoral students' chances for success?
On average, individuals earning master's and doctoral degrees have higher average earnings than those who end their education at the associate's or bachelor's level, but it is also true that engineering bachelor's degree recipients earn more on average than doctoral degree recipients in the humanities.
Doctoral students of University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) recently organised a roundtable with experts from the UAE industry and government sector to obtain feedback on their research.
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