doctor-patient relation

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the responsibility of a physician to act in the best interests of the patient

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The opening section examines the "ground rules of the doctor-patient relation.
The rest of the subscales difficult doctor-patient relations, commitment, and turnover intentions were assessed through a four-item subscale each one.
7) While no-fault systems are by no means new, former proposals for no-fault regimes in this area were designed to advance other goals, and therefore could not bring about a deep transformation of doctor-patient relations.
Finally, my own piece (28) identifies two significant aspects of doctor-patient relations that have generally been overlooked in the debate over the ills of the healthcare system: the neglect of "non-litigable disputes" and the emergence of "defensive communication.
Apologists for the Study have cited different standards of race relations, doctor-patient relations and views on informed consent in research to justify the Study.
By streamlining doctor-patient relations, Healinx enables payors to improve member satisfaction and retention, and reduce their exposure to rising healthcare costs.
Median awards for other types of malpractice cases included $400,000 for nonsurgical treatment cases; $300,00 for surgical negligence cases; and $230,000 for doctor-patient relations cases.
Unfortunately, she lacks familiarity with some of the newest historical literature on nineteenth-century gynecological surgery and doctor-patient relations.
s) can at least gain a respectful hearing by linking their profession to widely accepted concepts such as emphasis on close doctor-patient relations.
This nightmare vision was epitomized in the first state court case to apply the self-determination ideal specifically regarding the regulation of death in doctor-patient relations.
noted the importance of improved doctor-patient relations as an element of office testing.
We're beginning a change in how doctor-patient relations are established, and [considering] how paternalistic they have been, I think we'll see major changes in the future where they become less that way," said Elliot Sussman, M.
The median award for cases involving doctor-patient relations was $230,000.
An important theme in these early articles is the impact of commercialization and consumerism on professions and doctor-patient relations.
For more information on the tools that Avvo provides for patients, physicians and hospital leaders to put doctor-patient relations at center stage in today's often confusing healthcare environment, please visit www.
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