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a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port

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80 (a) Dockworker exposure predictions not relevant to a II time periods; based on company reported fuel-use profiles.
The volume of cargo that West Coast dockworkers and their employers must clear, now that they've reached a tentative contract agreement Friday evening, is staggering.
Dockworkers and their employers have been negotiating a new contract since May, but in recent weeks talks have stalled, all but paralyzing 29 ports that handle about one-quarter of U.
Each job category in this population has distinct exposure patterns: drivers are exposed directly to traffic; dockworkers are exposed to trucks in the yard and propane and liquified natural gas exhaust from forklifts; shopworkers are exposed to short-term vehicle exposures during repairs; and other terminal-based personnel have little exposure to vehicle exhaust (Davis et al.
In Waterfront Revolts, Colin Davis offers a more refined analysis of time (1946-61) and place (the great city ports of New York and London) than many earlier accounts, using the comparative method to identify the structural and cultural forces that lay behind the emergence of rank-and-file dockworker movements.
Samuel Adams summoned his mechanic and dockworker friends into Faneuil Hall on December 17th and, with the charge that "this meeting can do nothing further to save this country," sent them off, thinly disguised as "Narragansett Indians," to throw all the tea into the harbor.
The 28-pounder is one of the top three pike entered for Sunday People competitions in the last 13 months and gives Scott, 29, a Southampton dockworker, a good chance of winning a Shakespeare Mustang 12ft pike rod or a Quo 11ft carp rod.
But it was the joy of his East End mother, a former cleaner, and former dockworker father, that was the icing on the cake.
On Sunday, more than 1,000 dockworker assignments were filled at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and over 2,000 are predicted to be filled Monday.
Image: Outspoken judge Best known for: Being 'Nasty Nigel' on Popstars Early life: He was born in the Wirral in 1949, the son of a dockworker.
We have come through it," says retired dockworker Frank.
In another a clothcapped dockworker is told by a soldier: "Go to it chum.
Hank Fingleton, an alcoholic dockworker, perpetually out of work and haunted by childhood demons of his own, encourages the bullying of young Hank Jr.
Adam Smith, seven, dialled 999 when his 76-year-old grandfather and babysitter, retired dockworker Bob Donkin, collapsed with a suspected heart attack in Sunderland, on January 2.
The dockworker arrived in Liverpool in 1900 as a 14-year-old stowaway.