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the region adjacent to a boat dock

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The Delifonseca Dockside | |team celebrate their fifth birthday
Fire appliances had to park some way away from the fire on Dockside Road and use extensions to pump water to the blaze.
Inspired by waterfront living, whether that means a lakefront cabin or a house overlooking the sea, Dockside Retreat is ideal in any outdoor setting thanks to its exceptional comfort, good looks and durability," said Sharon Kepley, licensing manager for home furnishings at Woolrich Home.
The company delivers a suite of other services in the surface ship and submarine refit programme, including first attack fire fighting, confined space rescue teams, hot work sentry, dockside and on-board security, and on-board catering support.
A towering dockside tank holding used oil and water exploded as workers were welding it, sending plumes of black smoke into the air and shrouding the British outpost's famed "Rock" from view.
We are delighted with the results of Nexterra's gasification system at Dockside Green and have had overwhelming interest from the general public and media," said Lee Davis, president and CEO of Vancity Capital.
There, Excelsior will dock alongside a dedicated jetty where it connects to the onshore natural gas pipeline via a specially designed dockside high-pressure gas off-loading arm, and feeds natural gas directly into the country's gas distribution system.
The group, including the dedicated Gerry Chrisite, waits on the dockside for of the day as expedition leader Pat Falvey frantically tries to sort the problem.
As the name suggests, the Dockside warehouse is situated on the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet offering direct loading access of breakbulk vessels.
We've produced the definitive working reference for dockside transporters," said Theresa DeLucia.
That's when the Illinois legislature, which had approved riverboat gaming in the Chicago area in 1993, authorized the Illinois boats to offer patrons dockside gaming.
It has also developed a program by which fishermen can volunteer for dockside safety inspections, with no fear of citations, just a "fix it" list of items to purchase or repair.
Perkins+Will recognized for Dockside Green Residential Phase 1 and Great River Energy's headquarters, only firm to win multiple "Top 10" awards in 2009
DELIFONSECA Dockside has been named the Best Independent Retailer at the 2014 Observer Food Monthly Awards.