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the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes

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The NDSB-1 will attach to a newly designed port on the ISS called the International Docking Adaptor, or IDA.
Patent # 6,256,691) covers the techniques required for "hot docking," which allows the connection of a portable computer to a docking station through a PCMCIA/CardBus slot while the computer is already operational.
Mero has also introduced a new product, parallel girder docking system, which has been installed for Egypt Air in Cairo.
All her bags were packed and, within a few hours of the docking, she was to swap places with Atlantis astronaut John Blaha, who will stay for four months.
EZ Dock is proud of its highly-stable, easily-installed docking systems, and of its famous EZ Port products, which pioneered the personal watercraft lift concept.
About Henge Docks Henge Docks, LLC created the first line of truly comprehensive docking stations for Apple's current collection of notebook computers.
the leading fabless semiconductor company developing complete ultrawideband (UWB) solutions, today announced the availability of the world's first Wireless Docking[TM] solution for PC applications, with its Wireless Docking Station and Mini Card reference design kits.
Russian Orbiter Docking System (ODS) that will enable the Space Shuttle Atlantis to dock with Russia's Space Station Mir next May in the first phase of the International Space Station Alpha (ISSA) program.
Company's Universal ExpressCard Docking Station Offers Digital Video, Audio and "Always On" Feature
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Rockwell (NYSE: ROK) yesterday took delivery of the Russian-built spacecraft docking mechanism that will enable the Space Shuttle Atlantis to join up with the orbiting Russian Mir Space Station next June.
With Its Availability, wiDock Becomes the First Docking Station to Give iPod Users the Ability to Wirelessly Transfer Songs and Videos
top Rockwell executives will honor the 36-year-old senior engineering specialist in vehicle and systems analysis as an Engineer of the Year, the company's highest honor for technical achievement, for work that will aid in the docking of Russia's space station Mir with the space shuttle Atlantis in 1995 and later in the construction of an international space station.
Cross docking is on the lips of many manufacturers and distributors as it provides a way to significantly reduce inventory holding costs.
s (NYSE: ROK) Space Systems Division (SSD) and NPO Energia of Moscow today announced that they have signed a contract in support of the Mir/Shuttle docking mission planned for 1995.