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Other positions available at Cedar Point include marina dockhand, lifeguard, merchandise associate, admissions employee, parking/tolls attendant, hotel clerk and more.
Importantly, the new facility will boost jobs including truck drivers and dockhands.
The business has six dockhands (college students) that make $8 to $10 per hour plus tips.
Both sides of the river were known as rough areas until the 1980s -- the haunts of hardened sailors and dockhands.
College student Svihovec and high schooler Crociata, who were working as dockhands at the marina, witnessed the accident.
Hank Davis, one of the rural "idlers" among the dockhands, admits to Bill Sampson that he has "'never seed sich a booty in [his] life,"' to which Sampson "meditativeiy" responds," 'Strikes me, Hank, thet thet female's got a black streak in her somewhar'" (41).
A much more plausible assumption is that the half to three-quarters of the workforce left out of tax lists and city directories, in Philadelphia and most other cities, was mainly composed of working people including sailors, servants, carters, dockhands, and other menial occupations.
Other laborers who assist skilled workers include blacksmith helpers, construction laborers, dockhands, and material handlers.
When members arrive, dockhands will unload the provisions as a valet parks the car.