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Synonyms for docket

Synonyms for docket

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for docket

(law) the calendar of a court

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

place on the docket for legal action

make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list

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It will be another case not docketed against your buildings.
We recognize that there may be more time pressures on Appeals and taxpayers with respect to docketed cases.
This article will address the use of mediation under the new IRS procedures for the Appeals administrative process, and discuss the proposed use of mediation in docketed Tax Court cases.
95-86(4) was issued, addressing mediation procedures for issues in the Appeals administrative process and not docketed in any court, during a one-year test period beginning Oct.
Chase claimed all of the $300,000 surplus money, since its initial $100,000 mortgage was placed on the property before Selma Kent docketed her $408,000 judgment and in addition, the remaining mortgages of Chase were superior to the claim of Selma Kent because of her subordination agreement, under which her judgment lien became secondary to the new Chase mortgage.
Last year in Appeals, we closed 249 CEP cases of which 218 were agreed; out of the total, 31, about 12 percent, were docketed in the Tax Court.
Although we are able to resolve cases in docketed status, we must do so subject to the Tax Court's timetable and approval of the stipulations reflecting the settlement.
Halperin at the last owner's advisory meeting so that DHCR counselors can help resolve tenant problems with owners before a complaint is formally docketed.
The IRS should extend mediation to docketed and non-CEP cases and encourage its use in resolving all manner of tax issues, while remaining vigilant that mediation not become just another layer of bureaucracy that will impede the process.
The Tax Court has approximately 85 docketed section 482 cases, involving $17 billion in disputed amounts.