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Synonyms for docket

Synonyms for docket

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for docket

(law) the calendar of a court

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

place on the docket for legal action

make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list

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Leveraging both a library of hundreds of millions of litigation records and its machine learning and natural language processing tools, Docket Alarm has quickly become a preferred analytics tool for identifying judicial trends and predicting litigation outcomes.
The child protection docket utilizes civil process and addresses abuse, neglect and dependency of children whose parents or guardians are failing to provide adequate care and protection to their children or who abuse their children.
Because of our caching feature, document and docket retrieval is less expensive that using PACER alone, and far less expensive as compared to rival services like Lexis CourtLink and Westlaw court dockets.
While other states' courts might have similar divisions, King said he doesn't know of any and did not model this docket on that of any other state.
This explanation for the changing size of the Court's docket, as well as alternative hypotheses of docket change, will be tested empirically in this Article.
If admitted to the program, the defendant's case is then placed on the mental health docket for sentencing.
However, NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said the Mthatha director of public prosecutions had not yet received the docket.
The most direct method of determining whether membership changes have contributed to the declining plenary docket is to look at the individual votes of Justices on a Term-by-Term basis.
As a litigation lawyer, are you walking into a docket where it's going to be high volume, a predictable type of exposure?
The premise for the proposal by Professors George and Guthrie is that the Supreme Court's docket has shrunk dramatically.
Just 27% (20 bases) provided a complete docket for upcoming Article 32 hearings
Previously, the NCC's dockets included a section called Review Matters, which gave 60 days notice of staff reports then an NCC Classification Panel would hear and decide whether or not to have them included in formal proposals on the next docket.
These rulemakings are documented within a public docket that contains the rulemaking record.
The notices and comments that make up the bulk of its docket come into the world as digital text in word processing files, which means they can easily be converted to standard HTML.
Stephen Czuleger could assign a new judge to take over her docket, though the state Judicial Council also could appoint Janavs to the bench again.