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a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port

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usher, bus persons, clerks, loading dock workers, shuttle drivers and record centre (warehouse) assistants
But the first efforts owed as much to a particularly militant and effective black dock worker, Thomas Watkins, a large and physically robust man who stood up to the white establishment.
Inbound shipments are validated in real-time against advanced shipment data (at item level, order level and supplier container level) and automatically direct the dock worker to the correct outbound container and route based on shipment details, such as end destination or customer location.
45am by a dock worker who saw what he thought was a body in the water.
THE FAMILY of a former Middlesbrough dock worker is urging his coworkers to come forward in relation to asbestos exposure.
A TEENAGE dock worker has died after being struck by a piece of metal at the Port of Sunderland.
Liverpool-born Len McCluskey, a former dock worker and general secretary of Unite, said it was little wonder working people were standing up for their rights in the face of the "abuse" they were having to deal with.
Former Portsmouth dock worker Bobby Williams, now 70, still runs up and down the line shouting orders and says he has no plans to quit.
Summary: US: One dock worker remained missing late Wednesday after a new mishap involving a Carnival .
A DOCK worker was seriously hurt after a 40ft container carrier he was driving fell over.
THE STORY : Dock worker Jude (Sturgess) travels to the US in the 1960s to find his father.
As an unemployed dock worker, he's feisty, funny and human.
Retired dock worker Mr Wilkinson said: "I thought it was kids messing about.
Former dock worker Derrick Morris, 71, from Brynmill, Swansea, received the heart of a young woman who died in a car crash when Dr Magdi Yacoub completed the lifesaving surgery on February 23, 1980, at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex.
A retired dock worker has received compensation for the stress of worrying about getting a deadly asbestos-related illness - despite not suffering from one.