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the trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable

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I always felt saddened by the sight of that poor girl's absolute quiescence on all occasions, and it was my custom to look at her, to address her, as seldom as possible; her extreme docility, her assiduous perseverance, would have recommended her warmly to my good opinion; her modesty, her intelligence, would have induced me to feel most kindly--most affectionately towards her, notwithstanding the almost ghastly plainness of her features, the disproportion of her form, the corpse-like lack of animation in her countenance, had I not been aware that every friendly word, every kindly action, would be reported by her to her confessor, and by him misinterpreted and poisoned.
And she liberated Lord Deepmere, Newman rather wondering at her docility.
I added an imperious: "Allez," and with a strange docility she glided out without another word.
They reap the rewards of the docility and zeal of the masses which they direct.
I have ascended it," replied the Scotchman, with docility.
which rescued the unknown painter from oblivion and blazed the trail which succeeding writers, with more or less docility, have followed.
Quasimodo allowed them to array him in them without wincing, and with a sort of proud docility.
It came over with remarkable docility, and suddenly the wings seemed to give way in the middle.
I don't know that it would do any good," said Tarzan, "as I have an idea that these lions are a little different from any that we are familiar with and possibly for the same reason which at first puzzled me a little--I refer to the apparent docility in the presence of a man of the lion who was with us today.
Maud departed with unexpected docility, and Polly went into the dining-room, where Tom was wandering about in a restless way.
It was a spectacle to stir the dullest soul when this gallant band marched out of the yard in full regimentals, with Captain Dove a solemn, big-headed boy of eleven issuing his orders with the gravity of a general, and his Falstaffian regiment obeying them with more docility than skill.
Whenever she interrupted him--and she did it, over and over again, without ceremony--he submitted with a senile docility and admiration, at once absurd and shocking to see.
Having thus pointed the moral and reduced his flock to a fitting state of docility, he dismissed them once more to their labors and withdrew himself to his own private chamber, there to seek spiritual aid in the discharge of the duties of his high office.
Glenarm, becoming a model of feminine docility at a moment's notice.
During seven years he was at Oxford, where his mother lived with him and watched over him; until her death in his fifty-second year she always continued to treat him like a child, an attitude to which, habit and affection led him to submit with a matter-of-course docility that his usual wilfulness and his later fame render at first sight astonishing.