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large soft-bodied insect having long slender mandibles in the male

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sororfound typically in small mountain streams (Contreras-Ramos, 1999), is also noteworthy and agrees with a preference for stream size in these and other dobsonfly species, such as large open rivers for Cotydalus nubilus or shadowed small bush creeks for C.
Larvae of the dobsonfly, commonly known as hellgrammites, inhabit small rocky streams throughout North America.
Cast of characters for Stream Diversity Simulation Pollution Sensitive Species Caddisfly Gilled Snail Mayfly Riffle Beetle Stonefly Water Penny Pollution Less-Sensitive Species Crayfish Cranefly Dobsonfly Dragonfly Sowbug Pollution Tolerant Species Blackfly Leech Lunged Snail Midge Worm Table 4.
Larval and pupal Nanocladius asiaticus were reported on both dobsonfly and fishfly larvae in Japan, but some of these midges died when the larval megalopterans exited the water to pupate in riparian soils (Hayashi, 1998).
Dobsonfly - The adult form of the aquatic hellgrammite.