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large brown aquatic larva of the dobsonfly

large soft-bodied insect having long slender mandibles in the male

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As an established leader in the wireless arena, Dobson is known as an innovator and the company's success with these new programs underscores that position.
Ms Dobson is the former head of UK equities at Abbey Asset Managers and head of investment trusts at Murray Johnstone and therefore brings a wealth of industry experience to the Board.
He pleaded guilty to the attack at the home he was sharing with Dawn Dobson on October 17.
The Blues had splashed out PS300,000 on the midfielder and Dobson went onto make 230 appearances and score 40 goals for the club.
The parking places will be in operation all days and all times - (1) North Street - (i) east side, from 21 metres south of North Street (east/west leg) southwards for 22 metres; (2) Northumberland Road - (i) north side, from 17 metres west of John Dobson Street westwards for 17 metres; (ii)south side, from 17 metres west of John Dobson Street westwards for 23 metres; (b) to designate the following length of road as a parking place for Taxis only.
The interview was cut short and Mr Dobson was heard describing the protester as an idiot as he explained the interruption to Mr Lyons.
Amendola has already been slotted as Welker's replacement while Dobson is expected to be a strong challenger to step in for Lloyd as an outside/deep threat.
Jurors at the trial were not told that Dobson and David Norris were involved in multiple attacks, some of which were racist.
When police made house-to-house inquiries Dobson said he did not think it was necessary to tell them he had gone out after the time of the murder.
Gary Dobson also told a jury at the Old Bailey that he was "disgusted" by racist language that he had used in a police surveillance video.
Despite having two previous convictions for affray, one of which also involved him brandishing a knife, Aiden Dobson was sentenced to nine months, suspended for two years.
In April of 2009, Dobson announced he was curtailing his duties at the Colorado Springs-based Religious Right powerhouse he founded in the late 1970s.
com/, that calls on the Museum of Broadcast Communications to reverse its decision to honor Focus on the Family's James Dobson in its Radio Hall of Fame.
Dobson on the other hand is "aggressively conservative and partisan, and vocal in his opposition to the teaching of evolution, 'secular humanism,' and judicial activism.