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the basic unit of money on Sao Tome e Principe

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She was predeceased by her husband of 56 years, Gregorious Idaris who passed away in August of 2011, her son-in-law, Michael Hidousis and four sisters, Katina Dobras, Theodora Pavlidis, Anastasia Gourousis, and Effie Siogros.
21 billion dobras (US$101 million) during the last year.
INE said that in terms of nominal worth in Sao Tome's currency dobras, the country recorded a year on year growth of 8.
249 billion dobras is received by Sao Tome and Principe through foreign aid in 2012, the archipelago s Planning and Finance Ministry said Monday.
Lorica com formato retangular na região anterior e afinalado, na região posterior, após a dobra transversal.