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a quiet plodding workhorse


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I'll give you the worst thrashing you ever had in your life," Dobbin said, in reply to the first part of Cuff's sentence; and little Osborne, gasping and in tears, looked up with wonder and incredulity at seeing this amazing champion put up suddenly to defend him: while Cuff's astonishment was scarcely less.
It was voted low to sneer at Dobbin about this accident of birth.
The superb Cuff himself, at whose condescension Dobbin could only blush and wonder, helped him on with his Latin verses; "coached" him in play-hours: carried him triumphantly out of the little-boy class into the middle-sized form; and even there got a fair place for him.
that delicious romance) was presented to him by the Doctor in the face of the whole school and the parents and company, with an inscription to Gulielmo Dobbin.
Sedley, Ma'am, I hope you have room; I've asked Dobbin of ours to come and dine here, and go with us to Vauxhall.
Lady Dobbin was at Highbury last night with three of them.
This was no other than Captain William Dobbin, of His Majesty's Regiment of Foot, returned from yellow fever, in the West Indies, to which the fortune of the service had ordered his regiment, whilst so many of his gallant comrades were reaping glory in the Peninsula.
Dobbin, the despised grocer, was Alderman Dobbin--Alderman Dobbin was Colonel of the City Light Horse, then burning with military ardour to resist the French Invasion.
He's priming himself," Osborne whispered to Dobbin, and at length the hour and the carriage arrived for Vauxhall.
Grandad Simon Dobbin, 44, was left with brain damage and unable to walk or talk, after being attacked following a football match in Essex.
On-course bookmaker Alan Dobbin is enjoying his return to the track after suffering from tinnitus, which threatened to end his career as a layer.
TRIBUTES PAID TO SCOTS MP ED Miliband yesterday led tributes to Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who died on a trip to Poland.
The most important things that are going on, the thing that will shape Afghanistan's future more than anything else is the political transition that will take place next year," Dobbin told the media here.
Inventing Equal Opportunity follows three other Dobbin books that address economic issues and society.
ROSE DOBBIN rode a century of winners, but no success will have given her greater pleasure than that of Mirage Dore, who opened her account as a trainer in the TurfTV Betting Shop Service Beginners' Chase at Market Rasen yesterday.