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Synonyms for do-nothing

resistant to exertion and activity

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

Synonyms for do-nothing

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You are the do-nothing leader of a do nothing party.
When we hear about what's going on, when we see the laws that are being voted on by the do-nothing Congress, I think the people of America are fed up,'' he said.
Mr Johnson said, 'There is not a do-nothing option.
But in Iraq, Saddam Hussein had a 100 percent approval rating, because nobody ran against him" Norton's reelection campaign office declined to comment on Monroe's candidacy, which doesn't surprise Monroe, who considers Norton the archetypal do-nothing, say-nothing pol.
This is the biggest do-nothing legislative session we've ever had," said Ron Berger, executive director of the Subcontractors Trade Association Inc.
The impending downturn lies on the shoulders of the do-nothing Republican majority, politically motivated, do-nothing Congress.
REMEMBER California's do-nothing Legislature, the hapless body that couldn't pass the state budget for months and didn't fix anything when it finally did?