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someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

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we can rest assured that the artist will not pander to the kind of ambassadorial, multilingual do-goodism that has crippled Pavilion installatio ns of the past.
Two thousand environmentally hyperconscious attendees, in spite of their Birkenstocks, their organic cotton jeans and their peasant dresses, were spellbound by the authors' ability precisely to take environmentalism out of the realm of Sunday-school preaching, do-goodism, and lefty politics where it has become so hopelessly mired.
I think that the meaningful ones are terrific - but not the ones [motivated by] PR or social conscience or do-goodism or philanthropy or mandates.
Behind this support lies demographics, not just corporate liberalism or do-goodism.
Deathday parties are not sacrificial exercises in do-goodism.
The tragic irony, Sowell notes, is that the blacks who failed to graduate from Berkeley were perfectly capable of graduating from the average American college; by being mismatched with Berkeley they were derailed by a perverted notion of do-goodism.
Nancy Reagan and her "Just Say No" crusade are held up to ridicule next to Eleanor Roosevelt and her brand of do-goodism.