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someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

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The current campaign is inspired by the always-glamorous gay super ally Lady Gaga and comes in a stunning nude color with a hint of peach to brighten up your face--or maybe that's just the glow of do-gooding.
No need for the government or those do-gooding "Christians" to ask the residents of small-town America whether they want Main Street diversified with niqabs and halal food stores.
In seeking to give everyone a "fair" hearing, regardless of their inflammatory views, do-gooding news channels and newspapers have played nicely into the hands of the extremists.
I can hear the wise old do-gooding sages moaning about long-term development already.
You see the village hall where we stage our charitable do-gooding is in dire need of repair and modernisation.
Being fed up with my home country and what it has become in the name of political correctness, equality, positive discrimination and all of the other busy-body interfering do-gooding maladies that have inflicted our once great nation, the ongoing Tilly's saga brought a smile to my wrinkled old face that took a good few minutes to fade.
Bono and Brangelina are not the only stars who can lay claim to the showbiz saint crown - Craig David is the latest recruit to the do-gooding club.
It describes an alternate history in which a team of hippie heroes starts out in '60s Berkeley projecting a socially conscious, do-gooding image.
Somehow, playwright Blair Singer--who conceived that scene as the opening of Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas, his scathing lampoon of celebrity do-gooding, at L.
Then along come the do-gooding Swedes (now holding the EU's rotating six-monthly presidency), keen to give the high five to "green growth" which will make the environment a new priority of the Lisbon Process.
There's a lot of do-gooding going on, no doubt, but nobody (including Neuman) has figured out how to bring these programs to scale and maintain their efficacy.
In this era of economic unease, it's particularly noteworthy when someone puts do-gooding ahead of personal gain.
99) provides a powerful psychological novel paired with the equally powerful reading voice of audio veteran Laural Merlington as it tells of one Eleanor, a do-gooding American family-planning worker drawn to Kenya to improve the lot of the poor, only to fall in love.
Robert Downey Junior was born to play the wealthy playboy arms dealer turned do-gooding superhero, battling against bad guys using weapons his company built.
Ken reveals he has been dumped by his fiancee, and he has decided to run from Turkey to Beijing across an ancient trade route to raise money for charity and hope to win back his do-gooding ex in the process, as she has left for China to help victims of natural disasters.