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someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

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Not Byers; when he was confronted with the landmines loophole, he chose to keep his belief in Canada's do-goodery, rather than to see Axworthy as just another politician.
Punters despise that kind of do-goodery, and rightly so.
In addition, there is, the author sighs, something dismally repellent about philanthropy and international do-goodery divorced from real human relations: well-meaning and well-dressed peripatetic internationalists talking interminably about poverty in a variety of the world's more expensive capitals; the dreary, unreadable declarations; the maelstrom of self-interested humbug masquerading as high principle.
Football has become the victim of health policy, public safety and assorted other forms of do-goodery that fans are now struggling to understand what their role is.
Both Charles and Diana, in their contrasting ways, deserve praise for changing royal do-goodery, away from Establishment patronage towards boosting the less appealing poor.
It was exactly that old, imperial spirit of Christian do-goodery which inspired his many overseas interventions, from Kosovo to Iraq.
Nor, I fear, with the do-goodery of the Liberal Democrats, who spend the money before it is earned.
Don King has hired a White House spin-doctor to prepare Tyson for a long campaign of contrition and do-goodery.