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Synonyms for do-gooder

someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

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cathedral so this seemed a fitting way Jim said: "I'm not a do-gooder but I was born in Durham and love the cathedral so this seemed a fitting way to do something for charity.
The chances are that every do-gooder thrust into an impoverished community will blow their cover at the first sighting of a camera crew in tow.
Except that rather than being the sneering bully of old, Joanna has reinvented herself as an earthbound angel and do-gooder, who has her in-laws wrapped around her little finger.
The fashion show and green workshop event was part of the Yesterday's News Do-Gooder Design Challenge, a campaign to celebrate the millions of cat owners across the country who make good green choices for their cats, home and environment.
Johnson sports a perfect American accent as the eponymous do-gooder and Nicholas Cage delivers his first decent performance for years.
Who fan explains the science (actual and emerging) featured in this popular television show about the adventures of a 900-year-old, do-gooder time traveler.
And if it all seems like too much fun - we know how oxymoronic that is - there are some highly educational and downright do-gooder opportunities.
The actress has turned do-gooder for a new programme for BBC Three.
Do-gooder psychiatrist Fredric Wertham famously declared that the comics of the 1940s and '50s were rife with sadistic and perverted sexual themes.
An anonymous do-gooder supplied the mosque with new copies of the Qur'an.
This means that, at least till November, we will be spared her saccharine, holier-than-thou, do-gooder, virtuous screeds glorifying her marshmallow existences.
of Louvain, Belgium) continues his forays along the border between science and politics by challenging his former leftist comrades to recognize the injustice they once fought against hidden in the do-gooder policies that they ignore at best and support at worst.
Yet you can make book that by the time this gets into print, Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, will have already picked up her do-gooder pen to write legislation outlawing moms from drinking while their kids are awake.
She will come across to some as an overzealous do-gooder, but she argues persuasively that companies, and society, can do better.
CAPTAIN Do-Gooder, the world-famous superhero, was having a very busy week.