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But this is a case where the information in DKL can be somewhat misleading.
Now all this kind of material- together with a sometimes quite astonishing wealth of detailed information-is accessible in this magnificent source of the now complete Band 1 of Abteilung III of the DKL project.
The Erfurt Enchiridion hymnals of 1524 are similar to the Achtliederbuch in that their contents were partly reprinted from Wittenberg broadsides, and the sharp division between broadsides and hymnals is not as clearcut as the DKL classification implies.
In the RISM bibliography, which now constitutes Abteilung 1, both RISM and DKL sigla are attached to each source.
Howard Sidman, DKL's President and CEO, commented, "The re-order of LifeGuard units by the Japanese Regional Police is an significant order for DKL.
The HW400p/M DKL incorporates the open source TimeSys Linux GPL kernel, offering a new level of development flexibility for PCI applications.
Tender notice number : SE DKL R and B /09-2016-17 ID:2016_EICCL_35249_5