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He proposed that the ion at m/z 135 derived from DKG (m/z 191), but this interpretation differs from our data documenting that the m/z 135 ion derives from m/z 207 (Fig.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: DHA, dehydroascorbate; DKG, 2,3-diketogulonic acid; TPN, total parenteral nutrition; MVP, multivitamin preparation (Multi-12 Pediatric); and MS, mass spectrometry.
Nick Lyth DKG Capital plc Tel: + 44 (0) 7769 906686
In the fall of 2007 the Illinois-based importer DKG started importing a wicked shotgun load made by an Italian company called Cheddite Italia.
DKG had seen a good thing, brought it here, and Winchester's ballistic gurus saw it and said, "That's the ticket.
EPIC of DKG Tender no: GT10102100 Description: EPIC of DKG 30 and DKG 031 flow Lineconnection.
All the family will be entertained by local model boat and train societies including the Ormskirk and West Lancs Model Boat Society (OWLS) and Southport-based DKG Hobbies, as they bring a vast array of layouts to entertain visitors in the warmth of the building as well as giving children the opportunity to make their own models out of recycled materials.
The procedure for hospital planning is set out in the respective state laws, which are implemented differently in different federal states and involve the associations of funding bodies and service providers in different ways in the preparation and modification of the state hospital plan (Schwintowski 2006b: 153-161; DKG 2008: 6-11).
The degradation of DKG produces threonic acid (19), which also has a molecular mass of 136 (Fig.
And, after an open mic spot in London's Covent Garden, Rhian was snapped up by a small American indie label called DKG Music, moved to California and her dream of being a music artist came true.
Designed for moist air-conditioning and process cooling applications, Searle Manufacturing Co's new flatbed and V-bank dry air liquid cooler ranges - the DKG and DVG, have been developed to cater for a wide range of control options.