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(Islam) an invisible spirit mentioned in the Koran and believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals

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A helpful glossary in the back of the book defines djinn terms and helps readers keep track of six djinn kingdoms that were divided and set at odds by a long-ago ruler.
Whatever your level of familiarity with beings mythological and godlike, rest assured: you've never journeyed with djinn like these before
Creating trouble for Sheikh Chilli and Friendz is the evil witch Buri, who is after the magical necklace worn by Noorie Djinn so that she can become all-powerful.
It is based on the premise that the ancient Djinn Lord is attempting to return to the world of Aravia after several millennia, at a time when his legend has been long forgotten.
Two Jordanian Documentaries in production The Council by Yahya Alabdallah and Posessed by Djinn by Dalia Al Kury -- received grants from TheVenice Film Market'sFinal Cut,which provides support and partnership opportunities for films fromAfrica, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.
Altynbek Arzymbayev, nicknamed as Djinn, candidate nominated for Kara-Kul town council, Jalal-Abad region, from Ata Meken party.
He told court the djinn took on the shapes of relatives, animals and "a devil"- even leaving "finger marks" around his neck - and goaded him to kill himself.
A few days later, she went back to the mother and told her that a jealous djinn had caused the problem.
A mother claims she was conned into handing over Dhs4 million to a woman who promised to get a sorceress to exorcise a djinn from her unmarried daughter.
A few years later, another little boy, Colby, is lured from his home by a djinn who promises wishes.
Time to sleep, the djinn is near, But good girl, you mustn't fear, If he knows you know he's here, Then, my love, you might disappear.
Abu Dhabi-based Image Nation has announced that its supernatural film Djinn has set the record for the best performing Emirati film in the opening weekend, with box office takings breaking the Dh1 million ($272,200) barrier.
Inflation in Armenia is unpredictable and resembles a Djinn released from a magic lamp, Bagrat Asatryan, ex-
Ali realised the bloodthirsty entity haunting this ancient knife was one of the Djinn - extremely evil spirits that have misguided and menaced mankind since time began.
Moreover, drawing parallels from the Arabian fables where the life of a malevolent djinn rested on a parrot and only by killing the parrot could the djinn be put to death; similarly it was pretty evident that Sarabjit's survival in Pakistan solely depended upon how long Kasab and Guru evaded the gallows in India.