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a loose cloak with a hood

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Mrs Berada also designs an assortment of belts, djellabas, takchitas and babouches which are slippers.
Thus, wearing "immodest" clothes (such as shorts, sleeveless shirts and tank tops) is discouraged, so is wearing the Islamic headscarves (hijab), although in the streets, one can see women in modern western outfits side by side with those wearing traditional long djellaba or kaftan; however, the latter is more common in the villages and among older women.
I got married to a faqih and I traded in my modern wardrobe for a djellaba.
For example, one shows a Western woman sunbathing on a beach where two North Africans covered by veil and djellaba walk; juxtaposed with this image is a black-and-white photograph in which a female immigrant, probably drowned, is laid out in the sand next to a Spanish policeman.
b) Traditional clothing, such as burnous (long, woolen, hooded cloak; 27), saroual (baggy pants; 30; Vaste, 47, 203, 241),11 chechia (or fez, a conical hat; 62), haik (all-enveloping white Algerian veil; 174; a recurring word in Ombre), djellaba (hooded robe; 193; Vaste, 325), tchador (a Persian word for the all-enveloping black veil from Iran; Vaste, 325).
Abdallah I have avoided since he asked me just who intended to pay for his djellaba, and just who would regler the babouches .
Petite taille, visage ride et teint noirci, le vieillard porte une djellaba en lin et des babouches jaunes usees qui refletent son attachement aux traditions.
Un homme de soixante-dix ans, les cheveux blancs sous son turban et emmitoufle dans une djellaba, sillonne a longueur d'annee les cafes, les souks, et les rues de Sidi Bel-Abbes.
Il enfile son djellaba et se dirige en toute hate vers son champ.
Wearing a long djellaba robe, he refused to give his official name, instead only revealing his Muslim one: Omar Israfil Dawud bin Ibrahim.
Jackson, 46, has taken to wearing a traditional white djellaba and headdress so he can walk the streets undetected, the Post claimed.
This figure, wearing a black djellaba with a hood, is also faintly lit and faces "diagonally across stage in tent on MOUTH.