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Synonyms for dizzying

producing dizziness or vertigo

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Another said: "My eyes cannot take everything in, it's dizzying.
Politicians have floated a dizzying array of proposals and counterproposals that could change that.
Just like when your hand releases the slingshot's rubber band to send an object flying, the energy of motion launches the stretchy tongue at a dizzying speed.
New technologies have also variously enabled or exaggerated existing ideals: In the 19th century the addition of metal eyelets to the centuries-old comet enabled women to lace themselves tighter, and reduce their waistlines to dizzying (and dizzy-spell inducing) proportions.
Even more dizzying is Bontu Thompson's line: "If you ask Russell Simmons who's his favorite new painter, best believe Kehinde Wiley is the first name out of his lisp.
With 4,083 square miles in Los Angeles County, getting to work, school and entertainment hot spots leaves us crisscrossing the area's dizzying freeway network and jamming city streets to get out and about.
But he insists his depictions of a dizzying array of characters is just part of a general trend.
Thunderstorm clouds in hurricane Bonnie punched their way up to dizzying heights, according to images collected by a rain-sensing satellite.
And Ramsay, 43, moans: "Learning to cook at this speed is dizzying.